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I have been teaching technology in computer labs for the past 18 years. Just found out last week since we are out of room at our school that now technology will be mobile on ipads starting in January. I already use google drive, earth, docs, slides, gmail, and sheets with students but hoping to find more ideas to easily change over my curriculum so my level of excellence I expect out of my teaching remains the same. What websites, apps, or blogs have any of you found helpful.  We are a 1-on-1 ipad school. This is for grades 2-4. My classes are 1 hr a week split in half for grades 2-3 and 1 time a week at an hour for 4th grade.

Our computer lab will be dissolved by then. We are going to have bluetooth keyboards that are shared amongst students.


Thank you so much!



  •  I have collected a list of apps as well as articles and websites on this site. Good luck with your transition.

  • Thank you!

  • You mught build a unit around digital citizenship. Here's my collection of sites ( 

  • I just learned of a new free app from Apple called Classrooms that allows a teacher to launch an app on all or some students' iPads as well as locking apps and other control features.

  • My tech cub uses two different apps on I pads. One is called stickbot and it teaches them about animation. The other is Imovie. They both really cool to work with. I am hoping to work them into my curriculum for next year and have all my students working with it, not just the tech club.

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