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Our school replaced all of the desktops in the computer lab with chromebooks.  While I am excited to use Google Classroom, I am disappointed that I have lost the ability to use KidPix, Google Earth, etc.  With the desktops, I was able to log in all the students (I teach k-2) with a generic login.  I'm not sure how K and grade 1 students are going to handle logging in.  Has anyone experienced this with students in K-2?  Any advice?  I also lost my LanSchool which allowed me to control the student computers :(

Thanks!  Danielle



  • Hi Danielle, I have not actually used Chromebooks, but it only made sense to me that since it is a Google product, you should be able to run Google Earth. Apparently, you run it through the browser.


  • dont worry, chromebook running Android - an open source os so you will get more interesting apps. As i know Play Store is now available on Chromebook. if you can't download from Play Store, you can get apk file of any app by copy app link from play store to search box in  this web site download apk file for devices

    For ex, KidPix apk file, Google Earth

  • Currently Chrome browsers do not support the Google Earth plugin - yes, they are both Google products but they don't play nicely together. You can use Google Maps but it's not as "cool" as Google Earth. 

    I have had all of my students logged in to Google Classroom this week (we're on desktops and don't log in to those but do login to Google Classroom) - K&1 can be a struggle. Are students assigned specific Chromebooks? If so, can you save their logins on the Chromebook so all they need to type is the password rather than both the email & the password. It will take some practice but they can definitely get there. Also, if you have any influence over passwords, try to make them the minimum length (8 characters, I believe) and I like to use numbers (or a letter - I use the first letter in their name) and then 7 numbers. That way K&1 only have to look for characters on one row of the keyboard. If you can't, try the tip here:

  • Can you have the kids in K and 1 use as "Guest" to avoid logging in?

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