Help I need labless Technology lessons

Our district uses the I ready and I station Programs.

Thrice a year the students have to take assesments. During these assesments my lab is taken up. 

I have found some lessons that I can take to the different classrooms with me, however I have a limited number of copies that I am allowed to make. 

Does anyone have any ideas for lessons that I can do that don't require copies?



  • I'm in the same boat right now. My students are taking MAP testing and then our ESL students are taking ACCESS testing. I may be out for a month by the time this is all over! Had to be out for the ACCESS last year as well.  So I feel your pain with this! Although I'm not limited on copies.

    What about some STEM lessons? Granted some of them require buying materials. Last week I did playdough and button towers with 2nd grade (read Corduroy to go with it). I also had my 4th graders make towers out of mini marshmallows and spaghetti. My 3rd graders took toothpicks and dots candy to build a house for one of the 3 little pigs and then the Big Bad Wolf (hair dryer wearing a wolf mask) tried to blow their house down. I was going to have another class make 2D and 3D shapes with toothpicks and marshmallows but we had a snow day so didn't get to do that one. All of those came from doing some searching online. I bought most of the materials at Dollar Tree. My district really pushes us to do STEM activities and branch out beyond just spreadsheets and such.

    Also, last year I created Tech BINGO Cards that I did with a few classes.

    You could maybe find some offline coding activities. I'm planning on doing coding starting next week but I'm going to have access to iPad's that we just got before Christmas. Been spending most of my week setting them up.

  • I would most definately be interest in the bingo cards. Would you be able to email them to me?

    I teach coding during our wacky Wednesdays. This is what we do for our grade level common planning days instead of hiring subs, the grade level goes to enrichment for the whole day. I could use some of the lessons I haven't done yet. 

  • Sorry just now saw this. It didn't tell me I had a reply. I just emailed it to you.

  • I love Common Sense Media and use their lessons when I can. When I am kicked out of the lab I at least get a cart of iPads. I purchased the Nearpod lessons that accompany the Common Sense and it is completely paperless! Love it and so do the kids!
  • Hope this helps...

    1. Common Sense Media Lessons or anything with digital citizenship
    2. Brittany Washburn (seller on TPT) has a bunch of ideas to go with computer-themed children's books, or you could read a book and make your own activity
    3. File folder laptop or cut and paste computer and learn about parts of the computer (Google "Hello Ruby" computer)
    4. Brain Pop Video and notes/activity/quiz-- we sometimes watch these and either have a discussion or a debate about some tech related topics
    5. New tech videos- with my older students, I show them some videos of new tech (I still have to find new ones for this year) and then we discuss how it is an improvement on the previous tech (or not)...can also tie this into some lessons on the "history of technology/computers"- my kids love seeing the old tech or watching one of those "Kids React to.." Videos
    6. Keyboard Bingo, tech Bingo, etc (on TPT or elsewhere)
    7. Find someone with an older computer and tear it apart, turn it into a lesson on the major internal parts of the computer- kids don't always get to see and touch things like that
    8. If you have access to mobile devices, you could always do something like Kahoot or Quizlet Live with tech concepts
    9. Teach a lesson on evaluating websites for reliability or validity- I read the book "But I Read it on the Internet" (book has a website with corresponding worksheets)
  • Thanks for useful sharing 

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