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I am looking for ideas to cover a NJ Technology Standard that says "Engage in a variety of developmentally appropriate learning activities with students in other classes, schools, or countries using various media formats such as online collaborative tools, and social media."  I teach 9 classes of each grade level, so I was thinking of a project between classes, but I'm open to any ideas!  Thanks



  • Do Mystery Hangouts over Google hangouts or Skype

  • We basically have the same standard in CA.  I would love initiate a project with your classes.  I teach 23 classes K-5 at my school.  Each class comes to the computer lab once a week.  Does your school work with the Google Aps?  We could start simple by having students create an interview and share the form with each other.

  • I also teach 24 classes k-5. Each class comes to the lab with me once a week as well. We use Google apps for 3-5 and I'm introducing it to 2nd in about a month. I love the interview idea. What grade would you want to start with? 

    My e-mail is: 



  • Hi Randi,

    Thanks very much for the offer!  I sent you an email to the address above.


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