Mobile Labs in Elementary School

We, in the very near future are looking at a moble lab situation for P-5 students. I would like to connect to anyone/or all persons doing this in your school. Please contact me....either through here or Thank you!

Robin Walker

Instructional Technology Specialist



  • One of my schools is now technology on a cart with ipads. We are a 1:1 ipad school, grades 2-4. There is talk next year my computer lab will be emptied and it will be the same with K-1. I started my year in computers labs in all my schools. The switch happened in January for grades 2-4.

  • Thank you for your reply, we are calling it a "lean in" now instead of a push in to give teachers time to buy in...I will be starting out small...we are in talks about what is needed for a cart or what we would need on a cart...are their things that your are doing that work well? We will probably got to 1:1 Chrome books...or at least the model cart will be thouch screen chrome books. Here are some questions I hope you can answer to give me some insite...I've been in a lab situation for 17 years so I'm trying to adjust to this new "lean in model" as well. 

    1. Do you use a set schedule to enter classrooms or go when asked?

    2. Do you get to collaborate with teachers on what you will do when you come to the classroom. (I see this as like a co-teacher thing, to plan with teacher and see what I can bring to the classroom to help enhance the lesson through technology.

    3. What do you not have that you wished you had?

    4. What types of lessons or things are you doing in the classroom?

  • I recently found out we are doing away with our elementary computer labs and will use mobile technology.  I am very interested in knowing how this is working in our school districts - specifically elementary  K-4.  We already have 4 Chromebook carts (30 in ea), an iPad cart (30), that are actively used by 2nd - 4th.  Here are so questions I have:

    1. What is the 1st 9 weeks like with K and 1st grade? Historically in the lab setting, it was about learning the rules, the equipment (computer parts) and getting comfortable with the using the mouse/computer.

    2. If you are using Chromebooks, are you plugging them in while you are at lunch to allow them to last the afternoon?  The thought of taking them in and out of the cart for each class does not thrill me.

    3. At what grade level do you begin using the bookmarks for quick access to websites and Google Classroom for quick access to lessons and templates.

    I too am interested in connecting with those using a mobile lab!

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