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I've been teaching Kindergarten for the past 6 years and this school year I am teaching techonogy to 1st to 5th graders.   I need some ideas on what to teach as the previous tech teacher only played games and thats all the kids want to do.    Please give me ideas, what works well for your students?   Thanks







  • Welcome to the lab! I'm a former lab teacher (and now a district technology resource teacher) and I know how hard it can be to fight against the "Computers are for games" mentality that so many of our younger students come in with. Here is my suggestion. Focus your lab around these:

    Digital Music
    Digital Art/Graphic Design
    Video Game Design
    Office Skills

    Invest in something like these "I Can" statements for your older kids and focus on basic tech skills, literacy, math, and digital citizenship for your younger ones. 

  • I teach K - 3 in the lab and we focus on these skills:


    -word processing skills

    -internet safety

    -slide show/presentation 

    -online research

    - Gr 2 & 3 will work in Excel/Sheets


    Hope that helps.  I use games as a reward only, they earn them!

  • I teach 3-5 in the lab. They learn

    Keyboarding TTL4

    Word Processing using Word, sentence starters, friendly letters, editing etc

    Internet Safety lots of good videos and games, rating websites

    Coding from in December

    Research using Internet for topics covered in classroom

    Databases and spreadsheets in Excel

    I also have them read about a techie and report on it using the MEEET format(if you use that)

    Hope this helps!

  • I like to tie my lessons into grade-level inquiry with age-appropriate tech skills. So, any of Mary Ellen's suggestions are great when they come up organically in the grade-level curriculum. Additionally, I always focus on:

    • keyboarding
    • digital citizenship
    • tech problem-solving

    These can be easily blended into any lesson (for example: on a word processing project, remind students of the right way to keyboard).

    Good luck! This is exciting.

  • I teach Grades 1-3 in the lab, They learn :

    MS Paint

    Tux Paint

    Crayola Art Studio

    Internet Safety

    Word Processing/Keyboarding

    Website - ABCYA games for my reward

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