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My school is hosting an open house next month and our principal wants each enrichment teacher (art, music, technology) to showcase our classrooms. I have a few ideas of things I can do in my computer lab, but I would love to hear any suggestions you may have. 



  •  A couple of things I have done for Open House are having each computer in the lab open to a different application or website that I used and creating a PowerPoint with screenshots from applications or websites and having it run automatically. I also remember reading about a QR Code activity that someone else had done. I'll see if I can locate it.

  • Great ideas, thanks!

  • Here's what I have done for Open House:

    • Have a showcase presentation running on computers with screenshots of projects completed at that computer (my students always use the same computer) or for a grade level. I have this running automatically and will link slides to actual projects so if a parent asks questions I can click on a slide to show the actual project.
    • Have some computers set up for a typing competition. I'll run speed tests on some of the computers and record high speeds for the night. I have a prize that I give out but prizes might not work if you have propspective families so maybe give out stickers with WPM on them or something.
    • Have a robot playground. The past few years, I have had a robot playground in the Computer Lab where people can come in a program robots during Open House. Warning: This can require a lot of attention during Open House - it's great if you have some students who can run this.
    • Have a computer with a slideshow of pictures of students working in the lab. 
  • Also great ideas! I like the typing competition. I have some very competitive keyboarding classes. Thanks!
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